12 Square Photos that Would Look Great as Your Band's Next Album Cover.

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So far in 2012 I’ve gotten two of my photos used as album covers under by belt. The first one was a commissioned photo for The Sparta Tapes by Gallus. They came to me with an idea of what they wanted, I went ahead and took some photos to fit that idea, all went well.

The second was different though. I was approached by the 4onthefloor needing a photo in a very short time frame. Almost too tight to go shoot something just for them and expect amazing results. Instead I presented some pieces from my back catalog and got a This piece is perfect! response. Beautiful, and far less stress.

Head rattled and the memory of William Eggleston’s 1,547 or so album covers moved back into immediate memory. Microstock has never sounded appealing to me, but utilizing images I’ve already taken that don’t really fit in elsewhere as album covers? That sounds like a win.

Your band’s next album cover

As a result, I dove further into my back catalog and dug up a bunch of images, many of which I’ve never even scanned before, and am offering them up for licensing for your band’s next album cover. Pretty cool huh? Just to show the potential a bit better, I’ve even went so far as using an album cover generating meme I came across a while back to put some fake band names & titles on them. No need to stick with my two-minute designs or anything. They’re just for fun.

HBXIP - The Greatest Men and WomenHBXIPThe Greatest Men and Women

Løvenkrands - English LanguageLøvenkrandsEnglish Language

Loving County Courthouse - How Others Saw me
Loving County CourthouseHow Others Saw me

André of Brienne - What We Have Already DoneAndré of BrienneWhat We Have Already Done

Metoposauridae - The Less CompetitiveMetoposauridaeThe Less Competitive

Kozie Chrbty - A Good ExampleKozie ChrbtyA Good Example

Kavlak Peak - ...of peace, not of tumultKavlak Peak…of peace, not of tumult

Cerro Colorado - Neither Idolize Nor HateCerro ColoradoNeither Idolize Nor Hate

Compsomantis Semirufula - The Redemption of IgnoranceCompsomantis SemirufulaThe Redemption of Ignorance

Degenerate Dimension - Pigs Treat Us As EqualsDegenerate DimensionPigs Treat Us As Equals

Spanish Christmas Lottery - ...let go of the familiarSpanish Christmas Lottery…let go of the familiar

The Green Initiative - What People Do WantThe Green InitiativeWhat People Do Want

Interested? I’m looking for a simple $100 + $0.05/pressing ($25 min) or so. Pretty cheap! Contact me and we’ll do business.