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Infrared Flash Photography

During the summer of 2009 I set out to put together an invisible light camera which would allow me to shoot human subjects in dark places with a flash, and not stun them with the flash pulse. It took me a while to get the kinks worked out, but in the end I managed to modify an Olympus XA2 for this use. This gallery is here to showcase the work I've created since completing the modifications to the Olympus XA2 and also with my infrared flash modified Leica M6

If you are wishing to create one of these yourself, I've complied all my research into a simple tutorial about infrared flash photography with an Olympus XA2. Check it out.

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  • yuan

    May i ask why the making tutorial has been removed??

    • http://www.kpraslowicz.com K. Praslowicz

      I've purged much of the technical content from this site a while back to make the focus be more an artist's website than a blog about photography, if that makes sense.

  • William Spooner

    I would love a copy of the tutorial if it is possible?

  • William Spooner

    I can ask the spec on the photos, film speed, aperture, whether I need to push, would be a massive help for a project I'm doing