Flooded Volvo, Duluth, MN, June 2012

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  • jeff hohner

    like something out of The Walking Dead. fantastic. i haven’t exposed myself to much large format work. most of what i’ve seen is too pastoral for me. cagey. static. not this series! perhaps it was the immediacy of the event. kudos for dragging your tripod around during this. or perhaps it’s your street and flash work that informs/livens up you LF. whatever, it rocks. as a street shooter, i also love Boys in the Floodwater. you handle that Deardorff like a Leica!

    • I’ve never felt that a big slow camera had to really get in the way of the same aesthetic I would go after while shooting with something like a Leica. Just have to approach the scenario differently. Instead of getting up close and using reflex and muscle memory to shoot rapidly hoping for a keeper, it is more like being a sniper. Know where you need to be. Set up, and then wait for just that right moment to take the shot.