Love Letter

I’m just going to take a moment to share a video that absolutely love. Love Letter by Nick Cave. I pick this one to share here since the visuals presented throughout it show a strong relation to the type of scenes I often find myself hunting for. The scenes present throughout the video are those that if iI stumbled across them out in the field, I wouldn’t be surprised to see William Eggleston setting up his camera.

First, some select stills.

Nick Cave: 'Love Letter' Screenshot

Nick Cave: 'Love Letter' Screenshot

Nick Cave: 'Love Letter' Screenshot

Second, the video itself.

The song itself is also great. If I’m in my car and it is playing on my stereo, the whole world just seems to be peaceful and glowing from the inside. It feels like if I were to set up my camera and shoot in any direction, I’ll have made the best photo of my career.


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