A Complete PRESS Camera Needs 3 Lenses

Full page ad for the Wollensak Raptar series of lenses. I’m 33% away from the complete lens trifecta as I own a 135mm and a 90mm Raptar

A Complete PRESS Camera NEEDS 3 LENSES

Wollensak Raptar Advertisement

Raptar series II f4.5… for extra speed—the basic lens

Raptar Wide Angle f6.8 for full coverage at close quarters

Raptar Telephoto f5.6 for close-ups of distant objects

You can complete an assignment. . .turn in better pictures when you’re fully equipped with three Raptar lenses. The Series II Raptar takes care of all situations that call for a fast, normal focus lens. The Raptar Wide Angle lens gives you the wider coverage you need when you can’t back away far enough to include the whole subject. The Raptar Telephoto lens allows close-ups of sports action and other far away shots; head and shoulders portraits where good drawing and perspective are needed. You’re never at a loss. Enjoy the advantage of being fully equipped for any picture with these three Wollensak Raptars. . . quality lenses that give you finer definition, sharp brilliant images.