Unexpected Speed Graphic Sighting

Dig deep into any of the many photography forums out on The Internets, and eventually you’ll find a thread where everyone lists out of cameras which they have spotted in various films & television shows. The M3 in Coraline. Will Smith’s ranegfinder in the title sequence of the Fresh Price of Bel-Air. They all get documented in each of these threads.

Today, I get to add a new sighting to the collective consciousness.

For unspecified reasons, I was recently browsing YouTube for videos of lesser known songs that I recall from my early teen years. When I fired up the 1994 gem Short Dick Man something horrible happened.

Short Dick Man

Right there, in the middle of a crappy video for a crappy song, was a Speed Graphic.

On the plus side, at least she was using a realistic bellows extension to photograph at such a short range, even if the peep sight would be worthless at that range as the range finder arm would have uncoupled. I also wouldn’t doubt that she has forgotten to factor in the bellows extension factor as well.

Ha ha Gillette. Not only are you going to have a forgotten music career, you’re also going to have underexposed and poorly exposed negatives.