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One day during the winter months of 2007 I was in the local Barnes & Noble and was browsing over the photography books when I happened across the book Nocturnes, by Chris Faust. I thought to myself “Hey! I like night photography!” and opened up Nocturnes to take a peek. What I saw stunned me.

As expected it was a night photograph which I found myself looking at. What made this one unique was that I knew exactly where Chris was standing when he took the photo. I’ve walked though the scene he was depicting hundreds of times while on recreational walks as it was less then a mile from several locations I have lived at over the years.

I took a moment to verify that I hadn’t accidentally stumbled into the Regional Artists section of Barnes & Noble. Nope. I wasn’t in the Regional Artists section. Nocturnes was in the same sections where Barnes & Noble puts the big shot names like Ansel Adams and Edward Weston into. Seeing photographs that were so close to home in this section was a brand new experience for me. I purchased my copy right then.

Nocturnes consists of seventy four black and white night time photos taken at various locations throughout the United States and Canada. Almost all of the images are panoramic photos taken with a medium format Fuji G617 camera. A lot of the photos in Nocturnes are taken during the dark, cold winter nights of Minnesota.

Edgar B. Speer - Photograph by Chris Faust

It was Chris Faust’s winter photos of rural Minnesota in Nocturnes which really drew me into this book. From the back alleys of St. Paul, to photographs taken nearly on my doorstep, these particular photos made me realize something big. I was a fan of doing night photography, and I love snow and cold winter scenes. Why the hell haven’t I ever combined the two? I blame Nocturnes for getting me back into night photography, and for getting me hooked on doing it heavily during the winter months.

As far as night photography goes, Nocturnes is a winner. Unless you are like a former roommate of mine who looked though my copy and responded with “I’m not impressed. It looks like every day of my life.” I like to take his comment as proof that Christ Faust has captured the region perfectly.

House near Worthington, MN - Photograph by Chris Faust

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