I Must Be Making Enough Prints...

In keeping up with my thoughts from last year about making sure that I keep making hundreds upon hundreds of prints, — I think I’ve seen the first signs that I’m making enough.

I went to my local lab today and dropped off a disc containing the files of my 434th through 510th photography in the past year for printing, and it was taken in by the lab without them asking for my name. First time ever that has happened. Sure, they may have made a slight typo on my last name, but I’ll still give them props for getting most of it right as I don’t have the easiest last name to spell in the first place. They didn’t even add an arbitrary ski to the end of it.

Aside from that experience — check out this tortoise.

The Girl and Angus The Pack Tortoise, Minnesota, September 2008

Another photograph which would be 100% illegal if my cop buddy from last summer was the truth in photography laws.