Leica Makes a Boo-boo

Today one of my friends tipped me off about a flyer he received in the mail about a unique photographic experience presented by Leica to tour The Great Lakes on a cruise ship.

Leica Great Lakes Tour

Living a block away from Lake Superior, I can’t contest that it is indeed a very beautiful area. I imagine that the cruise itself would be a very pleasant way to spend seven days and six-thousand dollars. However, while I looking over the details of the trip which were posted at leicarumors.com, I noticed something a little odd.

To be specific, the oddness lies in the image at the bottom of the trip’s itinerary. The bottom of the itinerary has an image of the Clelia II going under a bridge which is captioned Clelia II approaching Duluth.

Clelia II enters ... Duluth?

Since the area near Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge is the largest tourist wasteland we have in this town, I tend to frequent it often. It is the only part of town which has a large enough body of people at any given moment that I con safely go there if I want to do some Street Photography without having it feel like an old west showdown. Being someone who frequently visits area around the Areial Lift Bridge, it took me about six and a half second to realize something wasn’t right with that photo. Sure, the photograph may depict a lift bridge, but dammit, it isn’t my lift bridge.

Something has gone horribly wrong.

The bridge in the image actually appears to be the Allenburg Bridge in Ontario which crosses the Welland Canal, not too far from the point of origin of the Leica cruise.

To do my civic duty, and to prevent any confusion of the people who do take this cruise, here is a more accurate photo of the Clelia II arriving at Duluth. I’d hate to see anyone wonder why they were already at the endpoint of the expensive seven day voyage only a few hours after launch. From the Flickr stream of Ethan Russom.

Ethan Russom - Cruise Ship + Bridge

While we are talking about the Allenburg Bridge, I’d like to point out that this isn’t the first great accident which the bridge has been a part of. Here is some video of the the Allenburg Bridge in 2001.

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