Anonymous Photographs: Three More From My Collection

I recently came across some anonymous photos that I’d purchased several years ago that have since been buried away in folders and boxes.

First up, this old-timey car getting lifted out of an icy body of water.

Car Being Pulled From Ice

The other two I wish I had more information about them. Much like the sinking battleship image I own, there appears to be a fair amount of historical significance within these two images.

The first depicts what appears to be soldiers loading up on a transport ship. World War 2 would be my guess given the fashion and design shape of the vehicle in the background.

Boarding a Ship

The second shows a very excited crowd gathering around some military men in a jeep. The design of the flags and style of the buildings in the background make me think this is somewhere in France. Again, I wish the print had some sort of marking on the back to indicate the date & event.


Any history buffs out there who look at any of these images and have any details jump out at them. Anything that might help fill the story in a bit more?

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