A Marathon of Photography. Part II

Post-race update to my previous post A Marathon of Photography

Blake Andrews was right, twenty-six rolls of 220 film is a lot. In six hours of shooting today I covered twelve miles on foot. In that time I only chewed through twelve of the twenty-six rolls I had hoped to consume. Perhaps I should backpedal and say that I really meant to say twenty-six rolls of 120 film, then claim that I just about made it?

Nah, it was a fairly arbitrary number used to align with the event I was shooting. I’m perfectly happy hot having those extra 224 exposures to scan and edit. I’m sure other street photographers who take interest in The Moving Masses phylum of street photography could have easily slugged out twenty-six rolls of crowd photographs, but that isn’t my style.

I think I got a fairly bountiful crop of good images, so all is well. Now here is a duck.

A Duck, Duluth, Minnesota, June 2011