A Marathon of Post Processing

The fifteen rolls of film I shot during the Grandma’s Marathon weekend are home.

15 rolls of 220 film

Time to start the filing, scanning, and editing process.

For this event, I’m going to try something different. 240 frames to edit may not sound like much to a digital photographer. Hell, a good dSLR can probably take that many photos in ten seconds! BUt, when I need to cut them apart, put them into filing pages, do a proof scan, and then a full scan on the potential keepers before they even hit Photoshop, it can take quite a while. Doing this process on three or four rolls of film can take me several hours.

I also know myself well enough that if I try to post process everything before deciding what to share, no one will ever see these image. So what I’m going to do is reach into the box-o-negatives shown above and draw out three rolls at random. I’ll then put those three rolls through my post-processing procedure and then share no more than five of the keepers from those three rolls.

Should be a fun experiment on editing.

Picks from the first three rolls

The Man With The Happy Hand

A Woman With An Umbrella

Two Runners And A Man With A Balloon

Two Men Setting Up The Finish Line