A Marathon of Post Processing. Part III

Been a while since the last marathon edit. Packing up all of one’s belongings, dragging them to a new apartment, and then unpacking them all tends to get in the way of things. Ho-hum. Here are my top five picks from rolls seven through nine. I’m more than halfway done!

Street Photographer food for thought: It can literally pay to not play the invisible photographer game that so many street photography blogs tell you is the one true way to work. I shot this event using a large flash attached to a large Fuji GW690III camera. Discretion? Discretion stayed at home that day.

Since the last marathon update I have received an e-mail which basically said “Hey. I think you were the photographer who took a photo of my friend and I. I will give you money for a copy.”

The less discretely I’ve been working lately, the more people have been taking notice. That in itself feels to be building some sort of actual street cred. That street cred then reverberates into a new level of self-confidence which makes it easier to shoot non-discretely.

Stop hiding and start getting known. It feels good. Here are the photos.

Young Man In A Pittsburgh Pirates Hat

A Child Packed Into A Stroller

A Runner Rests

A Man Fights The Cold Weather

A Woman With A Dog With A Folded Over Ear