Raiding the Archives

I’ve been at the photography game seriously for about ten years now. I’m not going to claim to have been the most prolific shooter during that period, but I have managed to fill a bookshelf row with negatives.

Photo Film Archive

Recently I’ve been trying to come to terms that I’ll probably never break the last-in-first-out buffer that I seem to operate with my photography work flow.  I’ll scan the images that I beleive to be the best-of-the-best as I’m cutting the negatives and putting them into sleeves. Anything lesser, or doesn’t seem to fit with whatever aesthetic is in my head at that period pretty much goes forgotten if I don’t come back to it within a month. The ones I do scan I’ll usually print, and then stuff into a drawer to be forgotten in their own way.

Arranging all the old prints into a nice coherent collections of images is something I’ll probably never get around to doing, so what I’m going to do instead, is stand in front of my shelf, shut my eyes and grab a binder at random. Open that binder to a random page, and post one to four images from it, along with whatever I can recall about the scene off the top of my head.

They might be lost gems, or they might be absolutely terrible. But I don’t care, it’ll give me something fun (for me at least) to do to keep this blog churning. At the very best it will be like a little miniature This American Life story. At the very worst it will be like 85% of all photo blogs in existence. Lets roll.

October 2008

Abandoned Bike, 2008

This one comes at the end of the year where I thought for sure that young children were being abducted in droves, and nobody was noticing. All summer long I would walk past seemingly abandoned girl bikes with white tires. One of which was found mangled alongside a busy roadway. This one however, was tucked away behind a vending machine in front of a supermarket at about 7:30 in the morning.

Woman and child with umbrella, 2008

Miscellaneous street photo. Taken while out for lunch one day at work. No specific story that I remember to go along with it.

Well that was fun wasn’t it? I’ll attempt to try to do this weekly, although I expect that that schedule will vary wildly.

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