February 2012 Release

Pallisade Head

February 2012 – first full month of dedicated 8×10 shooting. Twenty exposures made over the course of about 7.5 hours and 9 miles of hiking according to RunKeeper.

Given that my backpack and tri-pod weighs in at forty pounds, it is quite a physically demanding experience for the simple act of photography. Fun though. I wouldn’t trade it for a gym membership where I have to stare a white wall and listen to energetic pop music instead of being able to explore and experience the world. I just fear how sweaty I’m going to get as we move into the summer months. This time of year all the exercise does well to make me not notice the cold in the air.

All and all, I actually shot more than I was expecting for a month that provides me with little daylight outside of my 9-5 day job. Definitely going to need to get some grants, or shoot with more discipline come summer when light is in abundance. So difficult to slow down though when the images from the 8×10 just looks so good compared to everything else I’ve been used to.

What I enjoyed most about February though was to finally really start seeing some progress in knocking down the walls which have hindered my attempts at approaching strangers in the past. A good number of who I shot where people I had just intercepted while out walking. Tough for me to start doing that at first, but like most things in life, it seems to be getting easier every time.