Like a Chinese Star Wars Bootleg...

I’m not sure how long the auto closed captioning feature has been available on YouTube, but I just noticed it today. My first instinct was to go play the Playlist video about my photography with the volume off and auto-generated closed captioning on to experience it like a deaf person.

Given my mud-mouth accent I earned by living in rural Wisconsin for most of my life I didn’t expect much, and it didn’t disappoint. The resulting caption text read like a Chinese Star Wars bootleg, only perhaps a bit more nonsensical.

Depreciating is bright kids

Depreciating is bright kids – I did not know that.

Public issued animals I say? I'm game.

Public issued animals I say? I’m game.

What the Garden

What the Garden? What. The. Garden.

We're going to wind up seeing car hit more birds

We’re going to wind up seeing car hit more birds. Yeah. I dare you to make that statement with a straight face. You can’t.

Not really the boat

Not really the boat. Didn’t fool me anyways.

Buckle Fat

No comment.


Guess I slipped into speaking LOLcat for a moment.

Lettuce and Tomato

Lettuce and Tomato


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