Raiding the Archives 6: A Blizzard

This time around while raiding my archives I’ve pulled a roll from December of 2008 which appears to span from the night before, and day after a blizzard. My vague recollection of this roll has me walking home from work one night while the snow was just starting, and walking back the next (or possibly two) days later after the blizzard had cleared, and the temperature had dropped into the crazy -30°F range.

Someone's front door before the blizzard.
Someone trying to get a head start on shoveling the night before.

Buried Volkswagon
First rule of anticipating a blizzard. If you park on the street, get ready to shovel your ass off after the plows bury your car.

Buried Car
No really. You’re going to dig. And dig as soon as possible. It only gets work as the snow slightly melts during the day and ices back up at night.

Lake Superior Steam Wall
One of the greatest things that happens when it gets super cold in these parts are the enormous cold steam walls that roll in off Lake Superior.

If it is all too much for you, you can always buy some tropical swimsuits on the sidewalk to beat the cold.

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