Guys, I Have a Confession.

You may not know this, but, here I go anyways. All of the photos on this website are Photoshopped.

Is the stunned silence over with? Good, lets move on. Take this recent portrait of mine for example.

Niki & Jade, Duluth, Minnesota, September 2012

Yes. Every last pixel on it has been changed in Photoshop. In a last ditch attempt to come clean with the Image Capture Purity Party out there who insist that what comes out of the camera is the most true way to present a photograph, I am also going to release this photo in its original form out of the scanner so that they may draw their own conclusions.

100% Unedited Film Photograph

Glad that is off my chest. This post was for Shawn.


What the hell. Lets go one step further and at least inverse it.

Inverse Scan

There. I’d still get laughed out of the Camera Club if I showed up with that as a print.

These steps have to be done. If they’re not done by you, then it is a best approximation by an algorithm that a programmer as Nikon, Canon or Epson came up with. Tweak it yourself if you don’t like the computer’s stab at it and take some pride in knowing the final result came from your hand. Using Photoshop (or any other brand name of post-processing software) doesn’t have to imply creating grotesque HDR images or slathering Gaussian blur all over your photo and calling it Tilt-Shift. Just be gentle with the image. It’ll love you more for it.

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