How to use a Leica - A Practical Guide

Step 1: Acquire Leica and secure loose bits

Leica M3. Limited Jim Carlson Edition

Step 2: Find an environment with active human engagement

Step 3: Proceed until something is busted and blood has been drawn

Broken Skin and Broken Camera

Step 4: Enjoy the results

Howling, May 2014

Crowd Surfing, May 2014

Crowd Surfing, May 2014

Moshing, May 2014

Step 5: Repair your Leica

Flash Bracket Repaired

Step 6: Return to Step 2

Hair Over Face, May 2014

So maybe this isn't the most practical way to use a Leica camera, but it is the way I used mine for a few years.


So I've been experimenting with video production again and am trying to grow my YouTube channel with some photography related videos. I'd appreciate it if you hit the button below to subscribe!

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