The State of The Blog

For anyone who has been following my blog for years, you may have noticed that posts seem to be appearing more frequently over the past month than they have over the past few years. You also may have noticed that they seem to have little to do with photography. Don’t panic! This is by design.

The above tweet has been how I’ve been dealing with marketing my photography lately. Less time on photography centric websites trying to pique the interest of other photographers who may be more concerned about how something a photo is made and will pick them apart for the most asinine technical imperfections, and more time putting it into the faces of much larger non-photography population who will connect with the work on a subject level.

I figure I can possibly rekindle my enjoyment of writing blog posts if I just ramble on about whatever has my interest at a given moment instead of only stuff that fits within the niche of being understood by photographers. In the process maybe even bring in some new non-photographer’s eyes onto my work. The domain here is, and not right?

So that’s that. Now here is a photo of me crushing a deer’s head during a recent day hike.

I am crushing your head!

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