A Rambling About My Desk

Today I got to work setting up the office space in the home I recently purchased. Step one was to assemble my trusty old L-Shape metal and glass desk.

My L-Shape Corner Desk

By my estimation, this is about the twelfth time I’ve assembled this desk. I bought it from Office Depot back in the fall of 2004 as an upgrade from the folding table I was using as a computer center while I was still living with my parents after college. I think it was about $200 back then. Today that seems like nothing to me. But back then on minimum wage and having odd notions about money, buying such an expensive desk was a big deal.

When I set out that day to look at and maybe buy a new desk, I remember my father telling me that I needed to get one with shelving or cubby-holes above the monitor, because those were the useful desks to have. I half expected to get chastised for making a bad purchase because I came back with a simple single story desk. I’m glad this was the one I bought though because unbeknownst to me at the time, I was about to kick off a decade long pattern of moving from apartment to apartment on a nearly yearly basis.

So twelve moves over eleven years. I can’t imagine any looks stately, but is really press board pile of shit with those annoying ‘quarter turn to lock’ jobbies holding it together that always break the first time you need to disassemble the furniture in the same price range having survived this long. Eight allen key bolts are all it takes to disassemble and be ready to move onto the next house. Each section is light enough that I never even needed to call a friend to help me move it. Well, except from the period when I didn’t own a car large enough to fit it.

A few times over the past decade I have told myself “After this move I should really get a new desk.” But even after the tracks that slide the board in and out broke back in 2008 or 2009, which has since caused the entire keyboard tray to sporadically just fall off and hit the ground. I still just kept using it because I always figured another move was right around the corner, and I didn’t want to worry about owning a piece of furniture that would completely fall apart if I had to get it up yet another flight of stairs.

But now that I’m in a place of permanence, I’m again thinking of letting my trusty old desk retire as I would like to have a keyboard tray that doesn’t randomly fall off. And to be honest, when the time comes to buy a new desk, I’m going to go straight for the metal, easy to disassemble and move L-shape desk again, just in case I need to pull it out of here some day. They have proven themselves to me.

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