Hasselblad Advertisements 1970

Vintage Monday bonus day! Not one but two vintage cameras advertisements for you this week. This time for the old legendary Hasselblad cameras.

Hmmm. Hasselbald. Advertisements. Hasselblad. Advertisements. Hasselbladvertisements! Nice. a new portmanteau.

What your eyes see — your Hasselblad 500C can capture!

Hasselblad ad 1970

The passing scene. Glamor in the studio, precision in industry, action on the sports field and beauty in the countryside. Capture it all! With your Hasselblad 500C—the versatile, 2¼” x 2¼”, single lens reflex camera. You can switch the components and accessories of the 500C in just seconds to suit the subject you’re shooting. Change lenses for close-up, wide angle and tele shots. Change magazines to switch from black-and-white to color film, from one frame size to another—and to shoot up to 70 pictures in one sequence, if that’s what you want. Look to the Hasselblad—look through the 500C—to capture those shots you don’t want to miss!

Wherever you go. Hasselblad

Hasselblad ad 1970

Take the unexpected in your stride! — The Hasselblad does because the Hasselblad is more than one kind of camera for one kind of picture. The Hasselblad is a whole camera system.

Take the Hasselblad 500EL, for example. It’s a 2¼” x 2¼” single-lens reflex camera—and a variety of cameras rolled into one.

And it’s got a motor, too. And like a true Hasselblad, It’s changeable. You can change parts lightning fast and switch instantly from close-ups to telephoto shots from coulour to black and white.

And the large capacity magazine, giving you 70 2¼” x 2¼” exposures, makes it possible to shoot continuous action.

Thanks to the motor, you can take pictures faster than you can press the shutter release. And the 500EL can be triggered from a distance with long release cords or remote radio control.

You can “watch the birdie” through binoculars at a safe distance and operate your disguised and blimped Hasselblad almost in the middle of a nest.

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