Eveready Batteries - 1950

Vintage Monday! This week I got a 1950 advertisement for Eveready Batteries featuring this curious new lightweight B-C synchronizer.

Strobist c.1950

BE SURE with B-C Photoflash. Use “Eveready” Batteries!

Everready Batteries

Three tiny “Eveready” brand No. 413 “B” batteries, weighing only 123 oz. a piece, rigged in this new lightweight experimental B-C synchronizer, will positively fire twenty or more flash bulbs at once, and all of the light will be delivered to the film in perfect synchronization with the shutter.

The Battery-Capacitor system plus these super-powered little batteries gives the photographer the following advantages: peaking time for flash is uniformly consistent…reduced size and light weight mean greater portability…improved operation at low temperatures…no “leaking”…more dependable synchronization with solenoid tripper…at least two years of battery life…all filaments burn out in 1 millisecond or less.

“Eveready” and “Mini-Max” are trade-marks of
Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation
30 East 42nd Street, New York 17, N.Y.

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