Raiding the Archives 10: Street Photography in Canal Park

So tonight I intentionally dug deep back into my black & white street photography days. The hope was to find a photograph already existed in my early street photography gallery so that I could rescan it and bump up the resolution, or find a forgotten gem to add to the gallery.

The sheet that I actually ended up grabbing at random didn't contain any images already in the gallery. However, it was from one of the freakishly successful days that I ever had in Canal Park back in May 2008 that contained a lot of images that I had uploaded to Flickr back in the day. So, baby, like the McRib, they're back! This time in glorious high(er) definition than the original 500 pixel wide images I uploaded nearly a decade ago to Flickr.

Boy in a Nike Jacket, Duluth, Minnesota, May 2008

The face of the man holding the boy's hand is still one of the most intense stares I think I've ever received.

Woman With Binoculars, Duluth, Minnesota, May 2008
Woman Smoking While Watching Children
Stop Sinning & Believe

I had forgotten about this group who spent years in Canal Park and the surrounding area yelling at people about how they were going to hell. Eventually, a journalist dug deep and discovered that the leader of the group was a registered sex offender. Haven't seen them around since that revelation came to light.

Texting Woman With a Dog , Duluth, Minnesota, May 2008
Teenager on a Bike
Man Stretching


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