Kip's List of Portmanteaus

portĀ·manĀ·teau noun
A word formed by merging the sounds and meanings of two different words.

I have a minor love of portamteaus. Every so often I come up with my own blending of words that I think are at least a little clever. I figured I've thought up enough by now that I should at least stick them onto my blog for posterity. So here they are.


  • Falafel served with buffalo sauce.
  • What someone opening a middle eastern restaurant in Buffalo, NY REALLY needs to name their restaurant.


  • Ear Cancer
  • A musical performance that is so terrible, that your life feels grayer just for hearing it. Much like the open mic I went to in the early 2000s that ended up ruining Radiohead for me.


  • The time when the acquisition of coffee is expected.


  • A very angry, jealously fueled public dismissal of someone else's art or acheivement that is getting more attention than your own.


  • When someone moves to Duluth, MN hoping that the experience kills them.
  • When someone moves to Duluth, GA hoping that the experience kills them.


  • When someone gets fired from the last job they'll ever have.


  • A glass Hasselblad.
Glass Hasselblad



Multie in Back To The Future 2


  • Venturing out to acquire pizza..


  • An online poll where all the possible bullshit answers are extremely narrow in breadth, or heavily biased towards one outcome.


  • One of those shady photographers who haven't built a good portfolio for their wedding/graduation/baby portrait business yet, so they steal other photographer's good photos to fill up their own portfolio and hope nobody notices.


  • A winter holiday to bring together your Finnish and Jewish friends.

Tater Totdish

  • A more efficient form Tater Tot Hotdish.


  • When you have twins and they push you over the edge.


  • Spaghetti that is so good that you'll never forget about it.


  • A long, good hug.


  • Any portmanteau that relates to a yurt.


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