Raiding The Archive 11: June 2009

Boy Howdy. Has it really been 633 days since my last archive raiding post? Lets reset that clock and hopefully not take another 633 days before the next one!

Today's randomly drawn sheet of negatives comes from a day in June 2009 where I took a little street photography stroll through downtown Duluth and Canal Park.

Sorry tech heads, I have no memory of what exact gear I was using for this adventure. Most likely my Leica M6 with some Voigtländer glass, but I dunno. I don't keep notes. The film used was Arista Pro 400.

Enough gear. Let's look at pictures!

Of all the photographs I scanned on this roll, I only recall seeing one before. Rediscovering things I've seen a decade ago and have forgotten about is always an interesting part of this exercise.

Miscellaneous photos from June 2009


It's me! I must have given someone my camera to snap a pic.

Lost cat poster falling down.

Old poster for a lost cat named Blue.

The Skywalk being constructed over Lake Ave.

The skywalk being constructed over Lake Avenue.

Man with a Die Hard cooler

A man with a cooler that looks like a DieHard battery.

A running girl.

A running girl.

Amsoil Arena construction

The construction of the Amsoil Arena.

Running dog in canal park.

A dog running near Old Lifty.

A man looking at a duck.

A man who is looking at a duck.

Duck flying in front of a Bix truck.

Presumedly the same duck, now flying away in front of a Bix truck.