Photography Entomology

I think one of my absolute least favorite words in the world of photography is "Shutterbug."

Why just focus on the shutter? The shutter is just one tiny aspect of what it takes to create a photograph.

And what kind of bug? Are you aware of just how many kinds of bugs exist on this planet?

I feel that photography is such a broad subject that it needs some alternative, more niche Photography-Insect terms to describe photographers.

I propose the following:

  • Leicalice
  • Apertureaphid
  • Lenslocust
  • Filmflea
  • Bokehbee
  • Streetphotographystrepsipteran
  • Canonant
  • Decisivemomentmoth
  • Cirkutcricket
  • Holgaweevel
  • Largeformathorsefly
  • Nikonnit
  • Clickroach
  • HDRstinkbug
  • Exposureearwig
  • Hyperfocalfly
  • Selfiespider
  • Depthoffieldpsocid
  • Mirrorlessmayfly
  • Viewfindergrasshopper

Add your own in the comments.


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