The Star Wars Universe, But Set in Rural Wisconsin

So the other day I was fooling around with Midjourney and reached the point where I thought to myself “What is the Star Wars universe actually took place in rural Wisconsin?'

Whelp. Many prompts later I had this nice set of imagery. I shared it into a Cursed AI group on Facebook and, ope, it has since been shared 4.3k times as of writing this.

As I've discussed before, people from Wisconsin have a good sense of pride. So I guess the idea of Star Wars being set there tickles that pride. So here is the original set of images with a few extra that I didn't originally post.


This was the first R2Deere2 that came back randomly in a non-Wisconsin related prompt. It made me think it looked like some old droid out behind a farm somewhere and that kicked off adding Wisconsin to the prompts.
Which evolved into an even larger R2D2 tractor..


…with a I don't know what next to it. Some sort of sheep that isn't a canon Star Wars critter.

From there I moved onto some more desolate scene of Star Wars during the Wisconsin winter.


Someone's old project X-wing slowly rusting on their property.


An AT-AT standing out in a farm field. Probably used as a deer hunting stand.


Blaze Orange division of Storm Troopers to patrol the woods during deer season.


A Mandalorian killing some time Ice Fishing.


Speeder bikes don't need to hover when there is some fresh powder on the ground.


The droids run the grill at the annual church picnic.


Storm Trooper patrolling in the downtown area of any small Wisconsin city.


Probably because these things were seen roaming.


Or to take care of Jerry when he gets too rowdy again.


Tried to make a Jawa Sandcrawler, but the best I got was a giant farming droid.

And of course, can't really have some Wisconsin fun without bringing up some sports rivalries.


Of course Chewie is a Packer's fan.


Which means that the Dark Side is down in Illinois.


Getting a proper Vader image took a lot of failed prompts. But one more subtle angle I worked for a while was the notion of Darth Vader as a Minnesota Viking fan showing up in Lambeau wearing his purple vikings cape.


Bonus: Darth Vader as a Packers fan, if you're into that kind of thing.

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