About K. Praslowicz

Mirror Selfie

Hi. I am Kip Praslowicz, and this is my photography website and blog.


I work on the fine art side of photography and don't offer any of the common photography services. No wedding or engagement photography. No senior portraits. No newborn photography. My goal with a camera is to just document the world around me is without using camera tricks to make things seem more breath-taking or unique than they actually are. I often say that my target audience is everyone who hasn't even been born yet.


This website also contains my blog, which is generally on photography related topics but does veer off from time to time. I also like to believe I'm funny, so I try to keep the tone of my writing from being very dry or art world academic.

My accomplishments as an artist can be viewed on my Curriculum Vitae.

Software Engineer

Aside from showcasing my photography, this website also has deep dark ulterior motives. This website also serves as a place where I can experiment with the latest trends and tactics in blogging and web development.

In 2016 I decided that I had had enough of working with Wordpress and spent most that year developing a .net powered blogging engine that this website now runs on. Through this custom CMS, I can keep the software engineer part of me happy by doing work I find interesting without the red tape of having to go through managers and executives to make decisions about what needs to develop.

I currently live in Duluth, MN working as a software engineer and have two wool cats Smoky and Zero.