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$12 Bag Of Mystery Slides

Published May 25, 2020 in Found Photos

Exploring a selection of slides from the 1966 - 1990 that were found in a large bag of slides at an antique store.

A Canon Autoboy Goes to Bangkok

Published December 28, 2019 in Found Photos

I found a Canon Autoboy point & shoot camera with some old film in it.

Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Fast Food Item

Published July 4, 2019 in Photography Journal

Did you know that there is a Guinness World Record category for running a marathon dressed as a hot dog?

Cheat Sheet For Extending Unicolor C-41 Capacity

Published June 21, 2019 in Gear & Technique

A printable sheet to keep a record in your darkroom for extending the capacity of a Unicolor C-41 powder kit.

Raiding The Archive 12: The Album Cover Edition

Published June 15, 2019 in Archive Raiding

Another sheet of archived negatives has been selected for evaluation. This time I turn them all into fake album art.

Red Dead Photography

Published December 27, 2018 in Photography Journal

In game Red Dead Online photography with Chester Chesterton.

Photographing Bar Signs: September Adventures

Published November 4, 2018 in Photography Journal

Watch some behind the scenes videos of a photography road trip I took in September 2018.

All About The Vintage Beer Sign Project

Published October 3, 2018 in Photography Journal

Just a video of me, talking about my Pabst Blue Ribbon/Old Style/Blatz beer sign project I have been working on.

Biking With Cameras: Rolleiflex SLX

Published September 26, 2018 in Photography Journal

I took a Rolleiflex SLX on a bike ride and made a video out of the adventure.

Photography Entomology

Published September 7, 2018 in Humor & Satire

Don't call me a "Shutterbug." Call me a "Clickroach" instead.

Raiding The Archive 11: June 2009

Published September 2, 2018 in Archive Raiding

Miscellaneous photos taken around Duluth in June 2009.

Packing a Wista VX into a Lowepro Flipside 400 AW II

Published August 11, 2018 in Gear & Technique

Can a four-lens Wista VX camera kit fit into the relatively compact Lowepro 400 Flipside backpack?

Musicians Wanted

Published July 4, 2018 in Photography Journal

I'm brewing up a new portrait project. If you are a performing musician, I need you.

Anonymous Photographs: The Austin Texas Edition

Published June 24, 2018 in Found Photos

A series of vintage, anonymous photographs collected during a trip to Austin Texas.

The Photography Flubs in Babylon Berlin

Published March 11, 2018 in Photography in Movies and Television.

A few things that are wrong with the photography depicted in Babylon Berlin.

Found Photos, Vintage Cat Edition

Published November 19, 2017 in Found Photos

A small collection of one photographer's Vintage Cat Photos from the 1950s - 1970s.

Night Photography: Dealing With Yellow Light

Published November 5, 2017 in Gear & Technique

Filter showdown between an 80b filter and a NiSi Natural Night Filter

Photography In Algeria

Published September 17, 2017 in Reflections On Photography

A photographer's account of photographing a public execution in Algeria during the 1850s.