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As Seen On TV

Published January 27, 2012 in Press

Kermit vs. Kermit

Published August 28, 2011 in Meta

Same subject. Different years.

Raiding the Archives 3: Bob's Birthday

Published August 24, 2011 in Archive Raiding

Photos from a birthday party selected from a random roll of film.

Raiding the Archives 2: Leica Cherry

Published August 17, 2011 in Archive Raiding

This week's random negative page from the archive tells the tale of my first Leica Camera

Five Types of Street Photography

Published August 6, 2011 in Reflections On Photography

Five methodologies of street photography - with pictures!

See An Accident. Make A Photograph.

Published July 26, 2011 in Reflections On Photography

See an accident? Make a good piece of art from it. Better than a total loss.

A Marathon of Post Processing. Part IV

Published July 17, 2011 in Photography Journal

Continuing adventures in post-processing my photos from the 2011 Grandma's Marathon.

Photography Advice - From 1941

Published July 10, 2011 in Vintage Media

A series of still applicable photography lessons written in 1941.

Is Street Photography Actually That Dangerous?

Published July 7, 2011 in Reflections On Photography

Is there really a major threat of physical violence towards street photographers?

A Marathon of Post Processing

Published June 21, 2011 in Photography Journal

Adventures in editing 240 frames of medium format film.

A Marathon of Photography

Published June 14, 2011 in Photography Journal

26 rolls of medium format film shot in a single day of street photography. Can it be done?

Dead Deer, Dead Fish, And An Iron Lung

Published June 7, 2011 in Found Photos

What does a dead deer, dead fish, and an iron lung have in common? They're all now part of my anonymous photograph collection.