Replying to comment by Sherry on Photography Dreams.


I have been to Hawaii twice my brother lives there, I have seen the sun rise over the ocean many mornings, but not one time have I had my camera! It is my desire and dream to be able to walk out on the ocean with the dolphins just as the sun is about to hit the morning sky and snap that perfect picture of the whales and the dolphin jumping in unison in front of the sunrise to make the shot complete! Last time I was there the whales were spewing water out of there spouts but as usual I did not have my camera so again I missed the shot, when I traveled up into the mountains of Honolulu I saw wild animals at night again I did not have my camera! The landscape is beautiful I do have some pictures but it is not of what I really wanted. So I guess I will just have to go back and do it again, darn it!

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