Replying to comment by Sherry on Photography Dreams.


I love to look at the different photo sites to get ideas on how I should photograph different things. You see I am still new at this but I love it. I have a Cannon and a Toy camera I dream of photographing that one great snapshot, I have not done it yet, but it will come. You see I do not have the use of my legs anymore due to MS so I have to take it slow and take pictures from my wheelchair, but or either on my knees, hey I am not to proud! When I get that perfect photograph, everyone will know! By the way I am going back to Hawaii, soon and this time I will have my cameras, and I saw the whales spewing, and I did not have my camera either. But I am going to post my picture of me in Hawaii as my avatar b/4 MS took the use of my legs!

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