Replying to comment by Ron Hagedorn on Wind Turbine.

Ron Hagedorn

My wife and I saw the mine shaft from the highway and decided to take a quick spin through Ishpeming to see what kind of cute little historic town it was. We snapped a pic of the mine shaft museum as well as the statue of "Old Ish". We then drove up the same street as in your photo and we had a similar reaction. That "egg beater" really looked out of place. My wife urged me to ask someone what the heck it was and after some not so gentle persuasion, I inquired with a resident heading up the hill. He informed us that it was a wind turbine that "doesn't work", which of course filled out minds with more questions. After arriving home in the Lower P, I did an internet search and stumbled upon your account, complete with town hall discussion which certainly answered some of our questions. But here it is, 10 years after install and still no resolution? Perhaps the town leaders have come to realize that if it can't generate wind power, maybe it could bring in a curious tourist or two.

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