Replying to comment by Culley Smith on Night Photography: Dealing With Yellow Light.

Culley Smith

This is a great article. I know it's very old, but you appear to be active still. I was curious what you learned in your follow up?

I am shooting a lot of night photography on medium format (Mamiya C220 and Hasselblad 500cm). I use a mix of b&w film (Acros 100 ii for its low reciprocity failure) and am using Ektar 100 for my color shots. I may try Provia 100F, but as it has very little latitude (allowance for exposure miscalculations), I wanted to practice a bit more. I use my Fuji XT-3 to some test shots before using a film camera with comparable settings.

Anyhow, love the article, but am curious if you stuck with the 80b filter from Hoya? Or decided on some other approach.



Madison, Wisconsin

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