Replying to comment by Lars Daniel on 8 Ways to Title a Photograph.

Lars Daniel

Great (and funny) post!
Gary has a good point. I would might have gone with “Bus Stop”, but in hindsight I would prefer to look at it without thinking “Bus Stop” first.

At the time I mostly do single words. Your photo would likely have been “Shelter”. Sometimes it is just stating the obvious and some times the reference to the image may be a bit twisted. Other times it is the longer but concise description like you mention. If I really can not think of anything, but might want to give it a title later, I give it a “*”.

There is also a category that could be said is the artzy version of “pop culture reference”: Quoting a whole poem full of weltschmertz, leaving it to the viewer to figure out who the author is. Goes well with artzy self-portraits.

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