Replying to comment by David Murray on Voigtlander Snapshot Skopar 25mm f4.0.

David Murray

I use this lens a lot on two black Leica M4-P bodies. As my lens is also black it is more discreet in use. Although I have the 25mm viewfinder, I do not use it on the M4-P bodies. I have the VC LTM 28/90 adapter so use the 28mm frame – I’m sure 3mm is neither here nor there. In use for street photography, I keep my bag pushed around my back and keep body and lens in the bellows pocket of my black Barbour jacket. I see my shot, camera comes out and button pressed then back in the pocket all in one swift movement. Then I move on. This technique avoids any problems of police, confrontation etc. If I spot someone following me talking into a mobile phone, I dive into a large department store and quickly lose them.
It’s great fun!!!!

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