Replying to comment by Joe Camosy on Thoughts on Street Photography: Gluttony of Big Cities.

Joe Camosy

Thank you for responding.

I think it’s great that we can discuss the mental process that we each use in our approach. We’re each after our quarry. Sometimes we think we know what it is, other times it’s unconscious – and we approach it in our own ways….

some take a direct approach, others a more oblique path.

I think that both ways can work. If I may use an analogy… look at the animal kingdom – at how nature has adapted to the problem.

The approach of the lion – stalk, then pounce
The spider – compose and wait
The ox or bull – grazing
The lizard – tongue sniper
The monkey – forage for fruits and nuts
The honey bee ….

They are each successful in their own way.

Of course, these are all analogies of obtaining which can be a limited way of approaching photography.

other analogies:

detached observer / witness
may I have this dance?
communal vs. individual approaches.

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