As a semi proffesional photographer I put my logo in the corner of almost all of the photos I put online. Why? Because society today seems to think it is ok to copy and use photos without permission. A lot of comments on here seem to underline that.
I run my business to help pay my bills and make a living. Is it fair to have my work stolen like it has been many times in the past? Sometimes by some very reputable companies. My equipment and time is valuable to me so the effort I put into my work deserves more than someone thinking they can just copy it. I’d like to see the response you got if someone like Getty had found you had copied one of their photo’s without permission. I think you need to have a read of the copyright laws.
Let me put it this way, Is it ok to walk into an art gallery, take a painting off the wall, walk out and put it up at home to show all your friends because you liked it?
The reason photographers put watermarks on their photos is to stop idiots like you copying them without paying for our work.
It has become more prevalent now as the digital age has made it easier for work to be copied and ripped off.

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