Replying to comment by Glucozze on Thoughts on Street Photography: Gluttony of Big Cities.


Hi !

i was living in Paris two years ago and done a lot of street and protest photography…and it’s true it’s easy you’re among crowd / tourist …everybody have got a camera so you’re in total cover.
(during this time i shoot near 30 000 frames by year spending my afternoons to shoot and my night to work them on CS2)

now i live from two years in a small french city…i make maybe 1000 a year, and i’m like a frozen sheep when i have to shoot someone in the street 😀
(in fact it’s so difficult than now i only shoot posed portrait 😀

by the way here a very interesting link to a street photograph living in somewhere totally unknown:
a little “bordel” and anarchic organisation of the photos in this website but very nice jewells to find here !!

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