Replying to comment by Bob Delaney on Olympus Trip 35 1/200th Modification.

Bob Delaney

Thanks for the great information! I was able to disassemble a second Trip 35 I have that has a non-working selenium cell. It seems that with the light meter not working, it functioned in manual mode just fine, except at 1/40th no doubt. I wanted it in 1/200th if I had my choice. So in I went. I had no problem getting it all apart and finding that brass wheel that controls the shutter speed, but I was unable to get a staple lodged in to hold it. SO… in a desperate last ditch attempt at a work around I decided maybe the camera would stay in 1/200th mode if I just ripped out that entire brass wheel assembly. So I took out one screw that held it all in place and it all came out. This is when the little spring that held the shutter winding ratchet against the gear popped off. Great, now the shutter wouldn’t wind. After trying for 45 minutes, I got that spring back in place, put it back together, and it seems to work! I’ve not tested with film yet though. Anyway, thought I’d share my ‘work around’ with you. Thanks.

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