Replying to comment by chuck_a on Olympus Trip 35 1/200th Modification.


Thank you for the great info,I recently modified my Olympus Trip35 to full automatic in both A and manual mode.
1.remove top and bottom plates
2.peel back leather and remove face plate under viewfinder
3.set camera @ A and cover lens, depress shtter button,raise the red flag,observe the foot or stopper on the lower portion of the red flag fixture,carefully bend it down to allow it to move freely out and back under the aperature ring set at 2.8(manual mode),normally the foot or stopper would catch on the inside of the aperature ring at 2.8 not allowing the red flag to rise and not allowing the meter needle to trap at 1/125 speed.
4.point lens at a light source to move the meter needle out from under the viewfinder,now place a thin strip of tape along the side of the viewfinder,this will de activate the red flag warning in both modes allowing for low light wide open shots at 1/30 speed.
5.if you have a dead meter,remove meter face plate and check for debris obstucting needle movement,if not, carefully align the needle so it traps at 1/125 and place a thin strip of tape on the meter face plate along the right side of the needle to hold it in place. check all f stops and speed changes in manual mode and A mode you have 1/125 and 1/30 in both modes,and your choice of f4-22, or leave it on 2.8 or A
8.mod images posted on flickr,Trip 35 group.


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