Replying to comment by Derrel on Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Street Shooting.


I laughed at the smugness,and yet the uncertainty of Jason’s response; his attempt first to raise the cost per frame issue and suggesting an F with prism removed as an alternative to a TLR, and then his “probably” suggestions of lens quality,acutance of film/developer combo, and depth of field, and then the suggestion that everything could be, “easily replicated in 35mm”, and then the final bit of fallacy, that a TLR has the convenience of a LF camera! Jason sounds like a college kid who has absolutely no real-world basis for any of his assertions; Jay, why not try lugging a Sinar P2 with you on a spin around the block, and then see what a LF camera is really like? Oh, and add enough film holders to make 24 exposures–that means a backpack, not a shirt pocket. I have to love the internet–it allows the uninformed a place to post their narrow experience on blogs.

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