Replying to comment by Jason on Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Street Shooting.



I forgot to mention: I regularly shoot 4×5. Actually, I use a monstrous over-the-shoulder bag, it looks sort of like a piece of luggage. It is true that I usually prefer 35mm, though.

May a I recommend that you read the book “The Film Developing Cookbook” by Anchell and Troop? It will allow you to learn some big words, like “acutence”!

I did get the opportunity to observe that you love the smell of your own farts. You wrote “why not try lugging a Sinar P2”, most likely indicating that you have purchased an expensive piece of equipment. As we all know from the digital SLR treadmill, the more expensive the gear that you own, the better at photography you are!

So, Darrel, do you want to tell me about your new $3000 silver-bullet lens that you purchased? Or perhaps show my those hot landscapes or pictures of local landmarks that you shot on your Sinar P2?

Anyway, Darrel, perhaps you should clean the sand out of your vagina and consider the possibility that just because you disagree with someone doesn’t make them instantly stupid.


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