Replying to comment by Derrel on Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Street Shooting.


Sorry folks, I assumed Jason was a college kid, but his juvenile retorts make it clear, he’s a junior high school boy. I love the way Jason misspelled “acutence” with an e in it! Hilarious my boy, hilarious. I don’t own a Sinar P2 Jay-jay. No disagreeing with somebody does not make one instantly stupid, but misspelling the word “acutence” does!

Little tip Jay-boy,next time you try a retort, make sure you spell your big words correctly! Oh, and Jason, the next time your mom catches you beating your meat in the family basement where you live, tell her that it’s what your long-absent father told you he had *always* wished he had done that drunken night at the truck stop, instead of bending your mom over the bumper of his 1959 Kenworth out in the parking lot. Buh-bye little junior high schooler Jay-jay.

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