Replying to comment by George on Why I Love Film Photography: File and Forget.


Agreed, this is one of the most important advantadges (IMO).

I have many of my dad’s slides & negs from the 70s and 80s. It’s kept in an old house and the thing is a freezer in winter. He grew up there but curently it’s just a holiday house for us. In the same room, there is a lot of vinyl as well.

I have photos from 2004 till now kept in my 2 PCs, I wanna buy an HDD but I’m too lazy to classify and backup. C’mon, it’s boring! Much nicer to classify film, seeing the negs/slides.

One advantadge of digital is multiple copies without loss. But… no physical copy still, and a PITA to mantain. Well, scans.

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