Replying to comment by Eddy Pula on The Influence of Large Format Press Cameras.

Eddy Pula

When using my crown graphic on the street in boston I was routinly asked what newspaper the pictures would appear in. I jumped the fence at the finish line of the boston marathon dressed up like weegee (trenchcoat and fedora from my halloween costume) with a big flashgun and shot 40 sheets of marathoners before being escorted out for not having a press pass, all the athletes assumed I belonged there and that they’d be on the cover of the globe. On the flipside trying to shoot with a 5d I look like anyone with a rebel and people are less trusting. I’ve realised with dslr I’m a suspected creep, with a medium format or press camera I am a Artist and am treated with respect. I believe that for photographing strangers you should get the largest strangest looking camera you can find it makes a big difference.

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