Replying to comment by K. Praslowicz on See An Accident. Make A Photograph..

K. Praslowicz

Thanks for the reply Dalzell. I imagine the situation of being a journalist and having to visit many situations in order to get paid can take a different toll compared to others (myself included) who only happenstance come across a scene maybe once a year.

And just to be certain, I’m also not advocating hunting out this stuff and trying to make an art career from it. The only scenes I’ve ever shot is stuff that happens to happen within a block of where I just happen to be. I have people call me from time to time telling me what they just saw, and that I should grab my camera and go shoot it. I’ve never once responded to those calls. I don’t care to make it my main photographic subject, but also won’t shy away if it happens right in front of me.

If it were also a meat-filled blood bath, I’d probably pass as well.

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