Replying to comment by K. Praslowicz on Trying My Hand at Disaster Photography.

K. Praslowicz

Looking back, I’ll shoot an event with a limitation like large format and often during the event itself think: “I kind of wish I brought something easier so I could have taken a a lot more photos like the rest of the journalists there.” But afterwards the amount I get through always feels alright. However, I have quite a bit of events I’ve shot very freely with smaller formats that haven’t ever seen the light of day because I look at it all afterwards and go “Why the hell did I shoot so much!?! Ugh!!!” and never end up giving it a proper edit.

Adding the limitation I do enjoy. Thinking twice before each exposure is a good thing. Thinking four of five beforehand I like even better. I’m sure if someone was watching me work, they’d probably question why I’ll set up and futs with the camera for 4-5 minutes before picking up the whole rig, moving it over six inches and starting over. Edit first. Shoot second.

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