Replying to comment by Pawe? Kadysz on Reflections on Failing at a 365 Project.

Pawe? Kadysz

I’ve done two 365 projects already and now I’m at day 87 of my third one.

I think the number one reason for people to fail at 365 projects is the lack of support of people around. People just ask “why are you even doing this”, “you’re only wasting your time”. And that can really discourage.

The second one is the lack of community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. I finished my first 365 project on tumblr. And even though the satisfaction was huge, I felt like I was sending my pics into the void. No feedback. No comments. No nothing.

That was the point when I decided to create such a community. was created. There’s now few thousand people signed up and more than 1700 running their 365 projects. The community is great, people help each other out. And when the crisis comes (it always does, sooner or later) they support you and motivate you to keep going.

So yeah, if you want to do a 365 project, find a good place to do it.

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